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Seconds & Sample Sale

J.W. Hulme Co. will be hosting its semi-annual Seconds Sale this Saturday, August 20th from 10am to 2pm at our showroom.

Every bag that leaves J.W. Hulme Co. must pass our rigorous quality control inspection. Those that don’t pass land on our seconds rack. Chris, our quality control manager, inspects every bag, finding small imperfections that you’ll need your glasses to see for yourself. This process ensures that when you order a bag from JWH you are getting superior quality. It also allows us to sell slightly flawed items at great prices. You will find some discontinued items and samples on our seconds rack as well.

Please note this sale applies to in-store purchases only. We will not be able to accept phone orders for the seconds sale.

  1. J.W. Hulme Sample Sale | AliShops Blog says: August 19, 20112:03 pm

    […] and canvas bags and accessories from this consummate American brand. Get a sneak peek of the goods here. Good chance that shelf will be mostly empty by noon. 678 W. Seventh St., St. […]

  2. Byron Howard says: September 22, 20116:25 pm

    I am in the market for a messenger/courier bag and was wondering if there are any “seconds” in the shop. Would love to have one; nothing on the web comes close to your quality IMHO! If there happens to be one laying around…green canvas would be preferable. Anyway, thanks for listening.

  3. Leslie Fox says: September 23, 20117:33 pm

    (Sigh) so many beautiful items in these photos on those shelves. I’m too far away here in Central NJ…please add me to your online bidding list.

  4. Sarah Grambs says: January 30, 20128:16 pm

    I am wondering if i can call up on 2/11 and buy a seconds handbag? I live in surburban Philadelphia and am not able to travel to yoru store. It also seems that no one in this area carries your handbags. I am interested in the Linwood Bucket in American Heritage leather. I understand all sales are final. thanks. ssg

    • jamie says: February 1, 20124:37 pm

      Hi Sarah – Unfortunately we don’t have any seconds of the American Heritage Linwood Bucket at this time!

  5. Dan Mjolsness says: February 16, 201211:01 pm

    I live in the Chicago area and just happened to find some of your products at the Red Wing Shoe Store in Red Wing, Mn, where my parents live. the amazing thing about shoes there is that so many they sell are made there and keep local people employed. that is also what I admire so much about the Hulme Company.

    some advice from the company designers, please: I need to carry a bag for various things I do and need — writing and dealing with a disability.
    I don’t want to buy a product that is intended for a female market so which products would be fairly light but able to carry a few things?

    thank you so much.


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