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Jeanne Foels

My resolution is to pack even lighter and stretch myself to simplify. I’m planning on heading to Napa, New Orleans, and Madison in 2014 to see friends, and I want to be able to travel lightly!

Thank you all for participating. Check back next month for another American Made Giveaway!

This Year’s Resolution: Travel More

This year, instead of cutting something out with a resolution, add something in: travel more. Cross the dream trip off your list. Go off the grid for a week. Add stamps to your passport. Take a Thai cooking class—in Thailand. Or discover something new right outside your door.

Share Your 2014 Travel Resolution. Win a Bag!

Where will you go in 2014? What will you see? Tell us your travel resolutions for 2014 and we’ll help one of you get there stylishly.

Share it with us in the comments, along with your e-mail address (that will not be made public here) and enter for a chance to win one of our favorite travel tagalongs: The Correspondent bag. It’s small enough to bring on board, but large enough to carry your tablet and tourist tools.



The Prize:
The Correspondent Bag
Retail Value: $590

A winner will be announced on 1/19 via Facebook and here on the blog.

Entry Details and Rules:

  • No purchase necessary to enter / win. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • In the comment field below this post, please share your 2014 travel resolution.
  • MAKE SURE you leave your correct email address in the email address field ONLY. Your email will not be published on the site but we will be able to contact you if you win.
  • Entering your email on this post gives us permission to add you to our e-mail mailing list.
  • You must live in the U.S. and you must be 21 or older.
  • Enter before midnight on Saturday, January 17, 2014.
  • Winner will be selected at random and notified by email no later than January 19, 2014.
  1. Saqib K. says: January 12, 201411:51 pm

    As someone who travels on a weekly basis for work I’m no stranger to seeing my fair share of cities across the globe. That doesn’t mean I still don’t have a few I’d like to cross off my list. Below are some I’d like to visit or have planned for 2014.

    -Tokyo (fashion, tech, sushi and kobe beef)
    -Paris (art, Eiffel, bread)
    -NYC (shopping, bright lights/big city)
    -Hawaii (surfing, volcanos, beer on the beach)
    -San Francisco/Napa Valley (food and wine)
    -Austin (friends and family)

  2. Jessica WQ says: January 13, 20143:01 am

    My travel resolution is to not be afraid to travel more with my daughter. She is 10 months old now, and as she gets more mobile, traveling gets a bit more difficult! We’re planning to take her to visit family in Denver and see the Maya exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science, and we’re also planning to visit my sister in Washington DC and see the Garry Winogrand exhibit. Lofty aspirations have me dreaming of London! We’ll see how the stateside trips go first!

    Love your bags and all you stand for- thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  3. Amy M. says: January 13, 20143:31 pm

    For 2014, my travel resolutions revolve around visiting family and friends. My husband and I are ready to start traveling with our 7 month old son (we think…).

    New Orleans, LA – to visit my brother and his family
    Tucson, AZ – visit the in-laws
    Coeur d’Alene, ID -visit my extended family
    London, England – visit college friends
    Grand Rapids, MI – possible relo

    I love all of your bags! And I love that they are made in St. Paul!

  4. Patricia W says: January 13, 20144:10 pm

    We live in Detroit. There are so many adventures to be had right here in this largely misrepresented and misunderstood city. I hope to spend 2014 exploring all 140-square miles of my hometown and telling others all about it.

  5. Sean says: January 13, 20146:35 pm

    My dad lives in Germany and it is my goal to see him at least once per year.

  6. Annie S says: January 13, 20146:36 pm

    Due to work and money, traveling often isn’t feasible for me, but this year I plan to do more of it and the trips I have planned are extremely special. In just one week my fiance and I are joining my dad and step-mom along with her two kids (and their spouses and children) on a Disney cruise to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. The trip is a particularly meaningful family outing because just one month ago my step-mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer… it was really an eye opener as to how important each and every moment is with the ones we love! They live down in Nashville, so getting to spend this time with the whole family is really important. She is the most giving person I have ever met, so her and my dad treating the family to something like this doesn’t surprise me at all. September is when my fiance Scott and I are tying the knot, and we’ll head to NYC for a few days following the wedding, a place we’ve never been to together in our 4 year relationship. Scott and I both LOVE to travel so we both hope to do a lot more of it once we’re married. All of your bags are gorgeous — thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Carol M says: January 13, 20146:44 pm

    I travel several times a month. For biz. For pleasure. My biggest challenge is finding the right bag for each trip. This bag would solve my writing, biz, and tech solutions for me whe. I go to:
    Hilton head
    Fort Lauderdale
    Visit my mom in SC
    Mayo Clinic visits for me
    Biz trips all over

  8. Maren says: January 13, 20146:44 pm

    I’m hoping to travel more outside of New York City, where I live — I haven’t spent much time in the surrounding area and would love to visit the Poconos and Hudson Vakket!

  9. Maren says: January 13, 20146:45 pm

    I’m hoping to visit more of the areas around NYC, where I live — I haven’t traveled much in the region, and would love to spend some time in the Hudson Valley and the Poconos!

  10. Sally N. says: January 13, 20147:18 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to see every city as an opportunity. I fall into the category of an experienced traveler who tries her best not be identified as a “tourist” but often forgets to simply BE in a new place: to follow the smells, lights, or an intuition toward the unknown. So along with traveling to Prague this year (crossing my fingers!), I resolve to open my eyes to the beauty and uniqueness that my own neighborhood has to offer by engaging in my community and actively pretending to be a straight-A tourist who just happens to know the best places in the cities to order French fries and watch live music.

    (Also: anywhere with saltwater. Don’t get me wrong, Minnesota is stellar but oh my goodness how about some sunshine.)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Gary D says: January 13, 20147:25 pm

    Take a few months off and finally trek around Europe

  12. William Dietsch says: January 13, 20147:26 pm

    Planning a road trip to Montana in April.

  13. Angie E. says: January 13, 20149:29 pm

    My travel resolution for this year would be to go to a mission trip to the Philippines and to visit my brother at Germany. Besides traveling internationally, I plan on visiting family at San Antonio, Texas in a few weeks.

    Thank you for the opportunity of winning one of your beautiful bags.

  14. Rebecca Sorensen says: January 13, 20149:36 pm

    Before becoming a mother of four kiddos ranging in age from 2 to 9, I loved to travel. I spent a good chunk of my adult life traveling for work to promote Art and Culture in exotic locales. From Moscow to Paris to Mexico, getting up close and personal with another culture opened my eyes to the world and changed how I interact with the world. For the better. Now the thought of packing up and traveling with four little people can seem daunting. But 2014 hit me with an overwhelming sensation to once again see what kind of adventure I can have but this time WITH children. And not just to Disney. The first week of January we went to the passport office. Passports for the crew. Check! Finding the perfect gear…like this amazing correspondents’ bag…will help me look the part which is half the battle! And starting a family travel blog will allow us to share our global adventures to Poland and the UK with abandon for the people we love. I am realizing there is never an ideal time to see the world. So why not now? Why not us?

  15. Jacqueline Parkman-VanCamp says: January 13, 20149:41 pm

    Thoroughly love the Woolrich and Hulme leather designs. To the office or a getaway weekend.
    Have yet to kiss the Kissing Rock of Ireland.

  16. Max Huber says: January 13, 20149:57 pm

    My travel resolution is to try and travel more for pleasure. I get to travel a bit for work, but being that I am just coming off a vacation, it makes me want to travel more, see more, do more. Even if it’s a short day-trip or a week long vacation, it’s time to see some sights!

  17. Caitlin Z. says: January 13, 20149:59 pm

    Wonderful contest!
    As someone with a BA. in Art History, it is shameful to admit that I have not been through Europe. My boyfriend is English and we are long distance, so for 3 1/2 years we have spent all of our vacation time and money traveling back and forth to see each other. So I’m thrilled that it is finally the right time in my life to make a move, quit my job, and move to England for grad school. I’ll finally be able to travel (sometimes by train!) to Italy, France, Germany and hopefully Sweden and Hungary. I’ll be studying the preservation of museum objects and my special interest is in leather (obviously!). So on top of museums, I’m going to visit English, French, and Italian leather workshops to learn their methods.
    Thanks again for a chance to win such a gorgeous bag!

  18. Krissy says: January 13, 201410:29 pm

    Growing up, we traveled a lot. My parents instilled a desire to see the world. One trip we took almost every year was to Mexico. Now that I am paying my own way I don’t get to join in each year, but this year is a year I’ll be able to make the trip! I am especially excited because we’ll be renting a car and doing some exploration in-land. I love the beach, but seeing a bit more of real Mexico will be amazing!

  19. John Walsh says: January 13, 201410:39 pm

    This is the year, (hopefully this month) that I finally travel to San Miguel. I’m going to take in the sights, sounds and hopefully quite a few bars and restaurants. More than anything I’m going to shop for as many home accessories as I can possibly afford !

  20. Anthony Russo says: January 13, 201411:22 pm

    This is a domestic travel year for. Plan on motorcycling the Rockies this summer

  21. Art Gonzalez says: January 13, 201411:39 pm

    This year Hawaii, Africa and Hong Kong

  22. Caroline Wight says: January 14, 20141:58 am

    To be frank, I have no idea where I will be in five months. I’ll be graduating soon and while I have no clue where I will be, I know there is change and travel ahead. This is ambiguous in comparison to other travel plans. I plan to spend as much time as possible on the North Shore and resolve to finally hike the Grand Canyon in a day after years of consideration. I’m not sure what travel I am looking forward to more; the planned or unknown. I haven’t used another bag since I got my red mini legacy last year and it’s sure to accompany me on my adventures! Best wishes for a great year of travel to the J. W. Hulme Co. family!

  23. Margaret Cunningham says: January 14, 20142:32 am

    My 2014 travel resolve is to attend a multi-generational family reunion in Ireland in September. My mother just lost her husband – my step-father of 33 years – and I hope to accompany her on this ancestral journey!

  24. Gena says: January 14, 20142:49 am

    My 2014 travel goal is to get my husband on a plane! I would love to go to Oregon or Washington State. Even Alaska!

  25. Melissa Dalum says: January 14, 20144:09 am

    My 2014 travel resolutions included some short and long term goals.
    Short term: my In-Laws have want us to visit them in South Padre, Texas at their timeshare. Not a glamorous trip to Europe or Asia but it will curb my never-ending wanderlust for the time being.
    Long term: I had an epiphany and decided that I want to ring in the new year in another country. I’m thinking Australia would be pretty awesome.
    I would love, love, love the Correspondent bag! I have a Mini Legacy but would like to have a bag to hold my iPad mini while I travel and I think this one would be perfect!,

  26. Katie Kroncke says: January 14, 20142:17 pm

    I will be graduating college in 17 weeks, and hopefully finding a job, and that coul be an adventure all in itself. I have a trip planned for Destin FL with my boyfriend and his family for August 2014. I would also love to go somewhere I’ve never been and get my boyfriend on a plane for the first time ever. Even if it’s close to home, and no planes involved, I hope to make a few weekend trips and explore the world. I love J.W. Hulme!! I got my first purse from here for my birthday last summer, and I would love to add to my collection!

  27. Ian says: January 14, 20142:42 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to hit the road, relax, and see a slice of life. Travel isn’t about whizzing by every museum and tourist trap on a cookie-cutter checklist. Starting this year, for me, travel will be about hunkering down in the cafés and tin-can diners, whiling away the daylight hours chatting with shopkeepers, lazing around the park, and actually getting a taste for how the locals (whether in Sheboygan or Shanghai) do things. Here’s to a new way to travel in 2014.

  28. Joan Rockett says: January 14, 20142:52 pm

    With two teenage daughters, my husband and I are realizing our time to travel and discover together as a family may be dwindling! We have committed to making this our year to enjoy all the family adventures we can!

  29. Jeff N. says: January 14, 20143:29 pm

    London, Barcelona, Croatia, D.C., and Orr; MN — home of the world’s largest bluegill.

  30. Scott says: January 14, 20145:10 pm
  31. Marje Nitz says: January 14, 20145:11 pm

    In 2014, I’m going to explore St. Paul like a tourist, seeking out local art and awesomeness.
    I resolve to visit Chicago solo, and roadtrip with my kids to somewhere we’ve never been.
    I will keep saving toward a trip to Europe when they are older,
    and I will end the year getting married on a Gulf Coast beach.

  32. Sarah Tague says: January 14, 20145:12 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to travel more in the USA and see more things in my own city. I want to visit artisans and become inspired by their chutzpah to do, dream, and create.

  33. elexia lowe says: January 14, 20145:17 pm

    My travel resolution is to make time for and notice ways to “get away” and be with myself. I used to travel for work, and it is more glamorous than it sounds, honestly. I think nurturing that frame of mind to reduce stress, let go of things, relax, keep doing new things and take care of yourself maximizes on the opportunities we have to escape – whether it’s a long vacation or a daily retreat from the things outside ourselves.

  34. Sandy R. says: January 14, 20145:44 pm

    Our travel resolutions this year is to travel enough to do the things that matter most in our lives right now:

    We will visit with family in New England, providing our children while making memories their cousins, uncles, grandparents and great-grand parents while enjoying some of the historic sites that remind us of the start of our country.

    We will visit our friends of ten years in Detroit, reminding us of the great times (before the kids!) and seeing the factory plants and other landmarks reminders from the second industrial revolution.

    We will visit our high school friends in Chicago and NYC to spend time in the world class museums and enjoy foods that we have never had before at some of the many international restaurants not found at home!

    These have been resolutions that we have been making to ourselves for over six years, but this year is the year that we’ll do it as we know now that it will never be any easier .

    I like the JW Hulme products because they are made in America, are durable, never go out of style and have been around a long time, like so many of the other people and places that we love.

  35. Tyrra J says: January 14, 20145:47 pm

    First, I will be starting my travel year off with a trip to Santa Barbara for some much needed rest and relaxation after the holidays. Plus, I am really feeling the need to run away from this Minnesota winter! Then, I will be on many planes and in many US cities all over country as I travel for work often. This bag would look lovely and would help me commit to ditching my laptop in favor of a lighter tablet.

  36. Mary Jean Peterson says: January 14, 20146:16 pm

    After suffering thru 50- windchills, and lots of snow, we are taking our three granddaughters to Hawaii !!!!!!

  37. Kristin Marie says: January 14, 20146:17 pm

    I can’t wait for 2014 adventures! I got married in September and we are currently trying to book our Honeymoon to a warmer climate. It appears Cayman Islands may win! I am dedicated to being more fearless when it comes to travel, my husband travels often and I anticipate joining him in the future. his goal is to get me on an elephant in Thailand :) time will tell. Thanks for your contest, I love your product!! Especially the MN made part!

  38. Nanci J. says: January 14, 20146:27 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to forego the hectic holidays and last-minute shopping, and instead spend one week over Christmas on beautiful Anna Maria Island in Florida with family! The rest of the year we plan on getting back to some of our favorite weekend getaways within a few hours drive for antiquing, great dining, good company and relaxing….Door County Wisconsin, Galena Illinois, Saugatuck Michigan, St Charles Missouri. We’ll browse thru our collection of Midwest Living and Country Living magazines, and if we find something interesting (which we usually do), we’ll stop along the way!

  39. Lorena says: January 14, 20146:49 pm

    My travel resolution is to learn German and French so that I may backpack both countries and interact with the locals. To really feel and be in the culture not as a tourist but as another member of society. Thats what I want to be not just a traveler a citizen of the world.

  40. Kevin Hansen says: January 14, 20146:55 pm

    As a first year teacher, I plan to continue my own education by traveling as much as possible this summer. I hope to increase my understanding of my students and the world by experiencing the cultures of others. Although it may be a stretch in 2014, my dream vacation would be a trip to Greece and the surrounding Mediterranean areas.

  41. Cindy Speicher says: January 14, 20147:15 pm

    This is the year to celebrate! We have a wedding celebration in New York City, for a family member, and our 35th wedding anniversary that we are planning to head to Prague to celebrate. I would love to tell all of my friends that my American Made/ Minnesota Made bag is from Hulme! Us Minnesotans are very proud of you, Hulme!!!

  42. Sarah says: January 14, 20148:24 pm

    We are finally relocating back to the Twin Cities, and my number one goal is to camp every chance we get. I want to explore the northern lakes and wilderness that we’ve missed so much.

  43. Kelsey N. says: January 14, 201411:07 pm

    The World Cup in Brazil (with stops in Peru & Bolivia on the way there)! As an avid soccer player myself it has been a lifelong goal to attend and I would love to make the trek with this great bag!

  44. JSG says: January 15, 201412:37 am

    We are looking forward to swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling in the salt water lagoon at Hawks Cay. It’s the perfect family-friendly Florida Keys destination… http://www.hawkscay.com

  45. Summer says: January 15, 201412:42 am

    This upcoming fall, I plan to embark on a journey across the United States, visiting various states from my home state of Washington to Maine. I have always wanted to do a cross-country trek to see the mult-faceted landscape of our beautiful nation, from the Space Needle to the Statue of Liberty. I will consume fresh, local foods and have the joy of talking with fellow Americans whose cultural tastes and ways of life may differ from my own. I am thrilled to see our nation’s history and to support the local economies.

  46. Graham Nelson says: January 15, 20141:14 am

    I hope to spend more of my time this year traveling to visit old friends. Just this past weekend I went to Madison, Wisconsin to visit some college friends and it really reminded me of how much I care about those relationships.

  47. Emiliya says: January 15, 20142:43 am

    My resolution for this year go to Minnesota:
    1. J.W. Hulme Co ( Made in Minnesota)
    2. Mall of America
    3. “Ridell ” (Ice Skating Shoes made in Minnesota)
    4. Wild Minnesota Hockey Team!

    I really want “The Correspondent Bag” for my travel.
    Thank You

  48. Katie Holley says: January 15, 20144:12 am

    I will be heading to Sunny Tucson on my birthday in February!!

  49. Ann says: January 15, 20144:46 am

    Looking forward to my first trip to Arizona with friends and resolve to spend more time in WI with family.

  50. Nicholas Barry says: January 15, 20149:19 am

    Ireland to visit my roots!

  51. Beth Chilson says: January 15, 201412:29 pm

    My husband and I for our one year anniversary, are planning a trip to Florida. This will be my first time on a plain! The only other places I’ve been are Minnasota and South Dakota. I can’t wait to see the ocean and wiggle my toes in the sand!!! Who better to spend your new experiences with then your husband?! It should be a great place/time to share our one year wedding anniversary!

  52. Debbie Burbank says: January 15, 20145:27 pm

    My travel plans are to visit the Midwest – Illinois and Wisconsin to see family and then a vacation to Anna Maria Island with family – will be nice to escape the hectic everyday life of a busy dental practice where we see over a 100 patients a day – I live in a busy tourist town – Stowe Vermont – so always nice to be on the other side – being the vacationer instead of waiting on the tourist. Cannot wait to see family and put my feet in the ocean.

  53. Mary Loper says: January 15, 20145:51 pm

    Recently retired and spent part of last seeing parts of the USA I’d never seen before. Hope to do more of the same this year!

  54. Brian Hoffman says: January 15, 20146:05 pm

    I win this and the next time you see the item will be with me in Machu Picchu

  55. Spencer haugh says: January 15, 20146:29 pm

    My travel resolution is simple. Make sure to travel for more than just work!
    I travel plenty, but these days it’s almost always for work. I need to reclaim travel as my favorite pastime.

  56. Amanda @amandaelsewhere says: January 15, 20148:19 pm

    My travel resolution is simple: to do it. I had a five month hiatus from the skies while I recovered from a travel-related injury/illness that almost killed me. In the middle of all the doctor appointments and blood draws, a specialist told me I might not be able to fly ever again. I’m delighted that I will be proving her wrong, in April, when I fly to Barcelona :)

  57. Andy says: January 15, 20148:23 pm

    With a 7 month old in-tow, we’ll be packing up the old wagon and heading to visit a lot of family and friends, mixing in plenty of fun, short trips too. Hopefully we’ll be able to cross a few more ballparks off the list as we try to see a game at all of them.
    The early itinerary includes: Minneapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Kansas City and either Boston or Seattle. Cheers!

  58. Erika says: January 15, 20148:24 pm

    My travel resolution for 2014 is to travel lightly – to bring fewer things and make the experience more about being in the moment and less about being overly prepared. 1-2 pairs of shoes will probably do on most trips.

  59. Alicia Jay says: January 15, 20148:34 pm

    I want to go on a weekend trip at least once every 2 months–even small trips that are just a couple hours from home would add a little adventure and exploration to my year!

  60. Kourtney says: January 15, 20149:55 pm

    My husband and I are often the people who say we are going to travel, even long weekends, and just don’t end up doing it. Not in 2014! In addition to traveling for two destination marathons (Louisiana and California), we are going to take a motorcycle trip to Sturgis and through the West. Beyond that, I am resolving that we head to Chicago for a weekend to visit friends, check out the Bourbon Trail, and head to Dallas for a city getaway. If we can make it work financially, I’m putting the beach on the list too!

  61. Alena says: January 15, 201411:28 pm

    We’ll be taking our little guy (currently 5 months) around the US. Washington DC, MN, CA, the Grand Canyon. Teaching him a love of new places and planes, trains, and automobiles. Hopefully we can fit a diaper and burp cloth in here!

  62. Jenny Mensing says: January 16, 201412:09 am

    My travel resolution this year is to go to New Zealand with a stunning new bag from J.W. Hulme. I’ve carried the same cloth bag for years. A handsome leather bag made with such care and detail would be a dream come true.

  63. Taleen says: January 16, 201412:34 am

    My travel resolution is to say yes to everything! To try all of the foods I think look strange, to buy all of the clothes I think I can’t pull off, and to be bold enough to get just a little bit lost. All while wearing comfortable shoes. I’m going to Abu Dhabi and Dubai so I know I can pull this all off!

  64. Vicki Rea-Miller says: January 16, 20142:15 am

    We bought an old camper last week and plan to take our 8 yr old and 5 yr old twins camping this summer. Our goal is to hit the majority of state parks here in OH. We’d eventually like our kids to see every state park in our home state and then move on to another state and do the same! Another lifelong goal is to visit all 50 states with each of our kids before they graduate HS:)

  65. meredith says: January 16, 20143:17 am

    I love traveling – and my big travel resolution is to get to europe – this year i think i have enough time off work that i should be able to hop on a plane and tour amazing places – hopefully in 2014 ill be eating gelato in italy!

  66. Tim Focht says: January 16, 20144:17 am

    I plan to travel with my wife as much as I can when she goes on business trips. Also I go on day hikes and that would make a great companion in the mountains.

  67. Jessi Reddin says: January 16, 20141:58 pm

    My 2014 resolution is to “be present”. This also applies to my travel goals. It’s hard to disconnect but not doing so makes it easy to miss what’s around you. So during my travel this year (new York and Miami so far), I’m going to put the phone away and be present!

    Ps… THIS bag is amazing!

  68. brittany o says: January 16, 20146:08 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL ON! while our family travels extensively, both in the US and internationally, sometimes I struggle to keep my “cool” with a very active and interested toddler! I am thrilled that he has a chance to gain perspective and experiences and need to remember the benefits, rather than focusing on the difficulties of finding whole grain foods or unsweeted yogurt while on the road. This bag would be a wonderful gift for myself – a woman who has nearly resigned herself to blah, shapeless bags that are all a jumble with small tractors and sunscreen and iphone!

  69. margosita says: January 16, 20146:29 pm

    Ooh! So pretty.

    It’s nice of you to mention Thailand, because that’s on the list for the “big trip” this year. But before that I’ll be making a few trips for work or weddings, and I’m sure the Correspondent bag will look just as good on my domestic flights as the international ones!

  70. Erica D says: January 16, 20146:41 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to go overseas and I’m hoping to make it happen as my honeymoon! I’m getting married this fall and instead of going on a beach vacation, my fiance and I would love to fully immerse ourselves in Spanish culture by traveling to Southern Spain. I haven’t left the country since 2008 and it’s been quite a few years for my fiance as well. We hope this trip is triggers many more trips around the world. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful yet practical bag!

  71. Jeanne Foels says: January 16, 20147:51 pm

    My resolution is to pack even lighter and stretch myself to simplify. I’m planning on heading to Napa, New Orleans, and Madison in 2014 to see friends, and I want to be able to travel lightly!

  72. sharon says: January 16, 20148:04 pm

    My travel goal for 2014 is to travel to MT to see my daughter guide through white water.

    This is a beautiful bag! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  73. erin says: January 16, 20148:28 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution: Aside from a beach vacay somewhere TBD to marry my love, I will be visiting home-home in northern Minnesota at least four times. My dear grandparents are getting too old to travel, and there’s nothing more enjoyable + special than a trip home to have tea and play a few games of Scrabble with them.

  74. Ann W says: January 16, 20148:40 pm

    My travel resolution this year is drive down the coast of Maine and eat lots of wild blueberries and lobster. Want to spend a lot of time exploring acadia national park and do a lot of hiking with the dogs.

  75. Sary says: January 16, 201410:16 pm

    My travel resolution is to go somewhere off the continent — specifically, the grand rivers of South America! Chile is at the top of the list.

  76. Sammy says: January 16, 201410:18 pm

    Get back in shape and healthy …

  77. Pamela Gray says: January 16, 201410:51 pm

    My Dad served as a bomber pilot in England during the war. Just outside London, near a town called Chelmsford. His next to last mission was bombing Utah Beach on D-Day. We were going to take him back to visit before it was too late. And then it was too late. So. We’re going to London and Normandy to do the WW II scenic tour. Thanks Dad.

  78. Kelly says: January 17, 20143:10 am

    Having just been captivated and tantalized by Patrick Leigh Fermor’s 3-book trek through Europe, I would love to follow in his steps and explore Europe this year. And to put my own spin on it, make it a museum tour of Europe – the Museum Quarter in Vienna, the Hermitage, Hagia Sophia, and all the museums in between!

  79. Katheleen Fowler says: January 17, 201410:17 am

    My travel resolution is to take mini vacations with my boyfriend, wherever the urge takes us, go on the annual Girls trip, see my daughter in Morocco, and my son in Florida. They are both in college, and I only see them twice a year.

  80. Mark Bahn says: January 17, 20144:12 pm

    For my 2014 resolution, I and a few friends of mine have decided that we WILL be going to Bali to celebrate our friendship and our love for adventure. This will be one of those bucket list trips and everyday I visualize us standing in the rain in Bali laughing knowing that we made it and fulfilled our goal! And of course, to get some amazing photos while traveling!! Cheers to everyone else’s (above me in comments) resolutions – I hope all of them are realized and wish everyone the best in 2014

  81. Kate L. says: January 17, 20144:36 pm

    I have a few travel destinations on my (wish)list for 2014. They include:

    -Argentina/Patagonia with my Dad (planned for March 2014)
    -A photography roadtrip to the National Parks in Utah and other destinations in the American west
    -travel to Glacier National Park by train and bike
    -spend more time exploring my new home state of Minnesota, especially Northern Minnesota (the Boundary Waters!)
    -And most importantly, spend more time traveling to see my family on the east coast.

  82. Mimi ND says: January 17, 20144:44 pm

    My 2014 travel resolution is to visit my best friend in Australia to celebrate our 40th Birthday together doing road trip around Australia. We will wander the Australian wilderness and dive the Great Barrier Reef.
    Our birthdays are on the same month. We haven’t seen each other for almost 10 years because distance sets us apart but we made pledge before we bid ourselves goodbye that no matter where life takes us, we will meet again at our 40th birthday… somewhere, somehow.
    So in 2014 when we become 40, hopefully I will travel half the globe to meet her.

    Then I want to visit Myanmar and experience its raw beauty and authenticity before McDonald and Starbucks set their foot into it. I want to see the beautiful haunting plain full of pagodas on sunset/sunrise where the miracle takes place, sail the Road to Mandalay, to be immersed in local markets with overwhelming new sounds and smells, to be smitten by the rich flavor of its cuisine, to fall in love again with a new place.

  83. Eddie Meiners says: January 18, 20143:21 am

    My wife and I will be spending our 10 year anniversary year traveling and celebrating! First, we have a small weekend trip planned with our kids to Indianapolis Children’s museum and Zoo. Next, we head to Disney World for our annual week of family fun! After that, we head on our anniversary “get away” to the sunny beaches of St. Martin! In the fall, we’ll do a long weekend trip to the the Biltmore Estate to kick off the Christmas season! It should be a great year of family, fun and travel! Hulme will be making each trip!

  84. Paula says: January 19, 20144:15 am

    My travel resolution is to take more impromptu trips. Explore nearby random places that I’ve never been to. I’d love to travel on a whim and see where the road takes me.

  85. Michelle Gale says: January 19, 20144:55 am

    Booked a trip to Costa Rica – birds, nature, relaxation.
    Planing to spend some time in NYC on business this year.
    And, I will have to get to Poland to meet my distant relatives.

  86. Donna Foley says: January 19, 20147:49 am

    I plan visting Itay. I think i am sick so i going to live life too yhe fullist and not let anything stop me.

  87. Trinh Mai says: January 19, 20149:34 pm

    Definitely would like to travel to Kentucky and/or Arkansas for rock climbing. Explore the beauty of Minnesota more. And to enjoy work trips, both domestically and internationally. Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

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