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Meet Tastemaker Haley Bonar

haleyHaley Bonar, who was discovered by Alan Sparhawk of Duluth–based band Low at an open-mic night years ago, has ascended to Minneapolis singer-songwriter royalty. She is at work on her fifth full-length album, Last War, which is due out this spring. Here are a few of her thoughts on style and the maker movement.

What is your style philosophy?
Looking back on my clothing decisions over the past twenty-some years, it seems that my philosophy is denim, stripes, floral patterns, black and navy blue together, and wild sock patterns. And SHOES.

Do you plan what you’ll wear onstage?
Most of the time I plan, but I usually find outfits at random on sale or at thrift shops and wear them the next time I can. That rhymes.

What inspires you?
Other people doing their thing, whether it’s owning a business, writing, dancing, directing, designing. People with passion.

How do you know when you’ve created something worth sharing?
When I like it from start to finish and want to listen to it more than ten times.

Tell us about the creative community in the Twin Cities and how you work inside of it.
I would like to work with other mediums in the creative community here more, as there are so many that are strong and self-sufficient. I am grateful to be a part of the music community here because it is inspiring and the people are real and lovely. The more musicians I encounter and work with or befriend, the more I am working inside of the community, watching and learning. I am always working toward pushing my own limits, musically, and toward being a good colleague, co-worker, and boss.

What is important to you about buying local and supporting American Made?
Supporting the local economy is very important, as well as buying clothes that are not made overseas in poor conditions. I do what I can.


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