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Meet Kate Arends of Wit & Delight

Kate Arends
Kate Arends wears many hats: blogger, product developer, branding consultant, designer. In 2009, she founded Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog that has garnered a tight-knit following with an edited yet approachable point of view on decor, fashion, and entertaining. The website has since broadened its focus to include mental health and wellness topics. In 2014, she introduced a limited-edition line of products with Target Corporation. Kate is a proud resident of St. Paul, where she resides with her husband, Joe Peters, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie.

Tell us about Wit & Delight.
Wit & Delight is a blog I started in 2009. I was a new designer and wanted a place where I could begin to collect all the things that I was trying out, what inspired me, and find some like-minded people that were interested in the same things. People came and followed, and it’s been a conversation we’ve been having ever since.

What inspires you?
I think people inspire me the most. I like to have conversations with different people, getting outside of my comfort zone in terms of location. I like to travel – really finding, and looking at things that worked for artists in different decades and learn from what inspired them and reinterpret it into a modern way.

Tell us your take on what’s going on in the Twin Cities creative community.
I’m from the Chicago area, and when I first visited Minnesota, I was so surprised what a creative town it was. I think it’s always been embedded in our culture from the 1970s when punk rock came about. Now people all over the world find these Minnesota brands that have been around for centuries and realize how important that craftsmanship and legacy is. I think it’s something that’s been happening for a while, and it’s due time Minnesota gets credit for it.

What is important to you about supporting small business?
Supporting small businesses is important because it’s supporting the makers that make this community possible – right in your own back yard. By doing so, you allow this prosperity in Minnesota to continue to happen, and you allow for more opportunities for new creatives to get you’re a part of.

What’s your favorite J.W. Hulme bag?
The Gladstone Bag is my absolute favorite. I use it for travel everywhere I’m going. It’s beautiful. It’s a forever piece.

Describe your style.
I gravitate towards classic pieces that build on a lifetime. I’m not one to try out trends. Good button-downs, great blazers, a good driving loafer, great quality leather bags – I think it allows your personality to be front and center. I really like the idea of keeping pieces as they live on with you.

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