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Meet Max and Johnna Holmgren of Bear Fox Chalk

Bear Fox Chalk
Explorers and adventures, Johnna and Max run Bear Fox Chalk: a chalk illustration and lettering company. The husband and wife team collaborate on handmade pieces ranging from invitations to large murals. They reside in Minnesota with their two daughters (Luella Beane and Minoux Wilder), dog (Badger), kitty (Zoe), and their two chickens (Beatrice + Mabel).

Tell us about Bear Fox Chalk and Fox Meets Bear.
Bear Fox Chalk is the collaboration of a husband (Bear) and a wife (Fox) who offer custom illustration, lettering and murals. We’ve worked on both small and large scale designs and are always up for a unique project. Chalk is our medium of choice. Fox Meets Bear is a personal blog and brand encompassing our adventures as a family, foraging, and some floral work. We love trying to inspire others to lead the type of life they have always wanted and to pursue their dreams and passions.

Tell us your take on what’s going on in the Twin Cities creative community.
We really enjoy working in the Twin Cities area and feel it has a ton to offer. It’s the perfect sized city and always enjoy meeting fellow creatives who pour their heart into their business or art form. Supportive and collaborative are the words that come to mind for this community.

What inspires you?
We are inspired by trips to the city and live for small adventures away to the woods where we can explore. We have always been inspired by whimsical woodland animals, woodcut designs, children’s books, promoting togetherness, slowing down and of course, vintage lettering and typography books.

Describe your style.
In our style, we are drawn to raw materials like leather, buckskins, and linen and wood. We love mixing industrial elements with natural fibers. For clothing, we stick to a lot of really good denim, linen, and leather accents.

What is your favorite J.W. Hulme piece?
Our favorite JW Hulme piece is the Weekend Satchel Carry-On Bag!

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