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Meet Nick Lundeen

Nick Lundeen
Nicholas Quinn Lundeen is a craftsman from Minneapolis. Ever obsessed with process and tradition, he creates each piece from start to finish with traditional methods, including making his own tools and cutting his own stones. His ultimate goal is to create timeless jewelry and objects of the highest quality and functionality.

Tell us about your work.
I am a metalsmith coming from a family heritage of jewelry and handmade goods. Since studying jewelry design and fabrication in New York, I’ve been exploring process, texture, and materials. I am currently working with mixed metals, unique stones and a variety of forming techniques.

What inspires you?
The possibility that comes with a new process, rough stones and raw materials.

What does handmade mean to you, and why is it important?
Character and the opportunity to share the last part of the process with the craftsperson -functionality.

What is your favorite J.W.Hulme piece?
The Weekend Satchel. It is important for me to travel light. This piece holds my essentials and room for exciting finds on the road.

Describe your style.
Simple and functional.

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