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Meet Madelynn Furlong of Wide Eyed Legless

Madelynn Fulong
Madelynn Furlong is an art director, fashion blogger and creative consultant. In 2010, she began building a simpler, more thoughtful wardrobe, home and lifestyle. Wide Eyed Legless was born of that project, equal parts creation, observation and inspiration. Madelynn has been featured by Women’s Wear Daily, W Magazine, Garance Dore, The Sartorialist and more.

Tell us about Wide Eyed Legless.
Wide Eyed Legless is a place to share and create inspiration. My goal for it has always been about connecting with others, and sharing the way we all see and experience the world.

What is your fashion philosophy? How did you develop it?
I’m super minimal, while still being open to try new things and trends. Its taken a lot of patience and time!

What inspires you?
People, the world, music, daily life – everything!

What is your favorite J.W. Hulme piece?
The Gladstone Carry-On in Black!

What does handmade or well made, mean to you?
Made with time, consideration and care.

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