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Guess the Monogram Winner!

T.L.D. was this week’s monogram — thanks for playing along! We had a lot of fun reading your “Guess the Monogram” entries. Alas, T.L.D. was no challenge for our fabulous fans. Read some of the creative entries below…











  • Ted Danson
  • Tremendous Ladies Dancing
  • Tiny Little Dancer
  • Totally Leather Dude
  • Ticklish Little Devil
  • The Last Decision
  • Tanned Leather Distressed
  • To Love Design
  • The Leather Doctor
  • Truly Lasting Distinction
  • The Living Dead (for Halloween)
  • The Little Details
  • Totally Lovely Details!
  • Timeless Durable Leather
  • Terrific local designers
  • Timeless Luscious Design

But of course, there can only be one winner and the winner is… THE LITTLE DETAILS by Alex McCormack. Alex, please email us at jwhulmeco@gmail so we can coordinate your monogrammed envelope!

Thanks to everyone for playing. You’ve inspired us and given added value to our monogrammed leather goods. We will do this again real soon so keep an eye out!


The J.W. Hulme Team