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J.W. Hulme Co. on Polyvore

Polyvore has become our latest obsession (shh don’t tell Pinterest). We love browsing all the outfits and seeing how women style our leather handbags.

New to Polyvore? Here are the basics: you upload your favorite products or browse products from other people and then can pick and choose products to style in different outfits.  Or as they would say,

Polyvore is the web’s largest community of tastemak
ers where people can discover their style and set trends around the world. Trendseekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover the hottest brands, products, trends and looks.”

Take a look at all the different ways women have styled our Legacy and Mini Legacy handbags. It’s such a classic handbag that can really be worn with anything!


Leather Legacy in Polyvore Sets


Don’t forget to check us out on Polyvore, and if you style an outfit with one of our bags make sure you share it with us on facebook!

Artful Living & J.W. Hulme Co.

This past week J.W. Hulme Co. and Artful Living had the pleasure of hosting an event at our Saint Paul workshop.  Event go-ers enjoyed factory tours, a preview of our new Fall Collection, the opportunity to get their bags or leather goods monogrammed and were entered in a drawing to design their own Legacy Handbag.

Our leathers feel as good as they look. During a factory tour you just can’t help but touch the different leathers.

One lucky lady had the opportunity to watch her American Heritage Legacy Handbag get embossed with her monogram. Watching the entire process can be a little nerve wrecking, but the results are always stunning.

See more photos from the event on our Facebook Page.


Hand Buffing Leather

Chuck Watt, our very own leather buffing expert, shares how we buff each piece from our American Heritage leather collection.


The leather arrives at our workshop from the tannery without the final process completed.  After the bag is made it spends some time at the buffing table.




Step One


Step 1:  “First you start up the buffing wheel and buff a small section to test out how much wax you will need.  You start buffing around the edges to get that worn appearance. You add wax as needed and stop using the buffing wheel when you get the desired darkness and luster”


Step Two


Step 2: “Then you heat it up with the heat gun, usually set around 660 degrees, to lightly melt the wax and let it soak in to the leather”


Step Three


Step 3: “After all of that, you hand rub the bag with a soft cloth to give it a nice shine.”


Before and After


American Heritage Duffle

Every bag made in American Heritage Leather is hand buffed, giving the leather a well worn patina.  This patina will look better and better with every trip taken.  Our Duffle bag in American Heritage leather has put in some miles and is starting to get a real personality.