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Before & After: Bare Pewter Legacy

This last Spring we fell in love with our new leather, Bare Pewter. This fall we fell in love again when we saw how wonderfully Bare Pewter ages with use.  Bare Pewter is a full grain leather from a domestic tannery and it’s soft hand makes it the perfect choice for handbags.  Its cool grey mineral tone compliments both spring and fall looks. Take a look at what your Bare Pewter Legacy would look like new and after several months of use.

  1. Lynn says: September 20, 20117:56 pm

    Not sure about this – just looks dirty to me (Sorry!) I probably need to see it in person.

  2. Bettina says: March 3, 20125:34 pm

    Looks gorgeous especially with the silver colored metal details!

  3. Susanb says: August 27, 20122:49 pm

    Beautiful! Any plans to bring this leather back in the future?

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