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Creating the Limited Edition Blue Awning Tote

Following up on the success of our first limited edition awning tote created for Pop Up Flea, we created this new Limited Edition Glenmont Tote out of vintage J.W. Hulme-made blue awning material.

Limited Edition awning tote

This vibrant awning was originally created years ago for a local restaurant.

We measure and cut the fabric to fit our Glenmont tote pattern.

And carefully inspect each piece of fabric that will be used.

Our leather room lead, Miguel, cutting pieces of leather that will trim the totes.

Supple Ash leather trim, cut and ready for our artisans to use when handcrafting the tote.


The final result! Playful blue stripe vintage awning and soft leather make the perfect tote for Spring. Check out all of our fine leather totes and find the perfect match for your style!

  1. […] Hulme Co. announced a new addition to their 2012 Spring Collection on their blog yesterday.  This Limited Edition Glenmont Tote was created using vintage J.W. Hulme-made blue awning […]

  2. Tiffany Walls says: March 12, 201210:26 pm

    Wow! The process is just as beautiful as the end resulting bag.

  3. panchgani hotels says: April 26, 20125:48 am

    Nice and great collection of bags, do you ship to India?

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