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World Traveled Canvas Knapsack

Hello, Folks…

I’m attaching a shot taken of my SAR dog, relaxing on the Nantucket ferry, after a day of training on the island.  I hadn’t intended a “product shot,” so forgive my failing to display the JWH logo!

We’d gone up there to relax after working the Haiti earthquake.

As you can tell, Tejyl was about as comfortable as the bag!

Happened to be looking for another one like it, as it’s getting a bit worn after two years in the dank rainforest environment of Big Island, Hawaii.  However, I notice it’s no longer in your catalog.

I can certainly attest to its heartiness and hope you’ll bring it back as it has withstood trips to Indonesia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti…and yes, the “tough” environ of Nantucket Island   :)

Regards,  Joe “jody” Fitzgerald






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