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We Are Makers

We have been makers since John Willis Hulme founded J.W. Hulme Co. in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1905. Our commitment to American Made products has never been stronger, from the use of heritage leather tanneries to the artisans who cut and hand sew our travel bags, handbags, business bags and accessories.

A new generation of makers is emerging in our hometown and across the country. Beginning with the January catalog, we are proud to feature portraits of other makers and merchants in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul – people who share our passion for authentic, well-made goods.

Our first series features BlackBlue merchant Steve Kang; songstress Haley Bonar; Hennepin Made, a duo creating handmade modern glass lighting; The Foundry Home Goods owner Anna Hillegass and Minneapolis-based fashion designer Danielle Everine.

Steve Kang is the owner of BlackBlue, the Twin Cities’ go-to menswear store for all things “new heritage”. BlackBlue offers a highly curated collection of men’s apparel, footwear and accessories that reflects Steve’s personal style. BlackBlue, 614 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota 55102.  Tele. 651.260.5340. www.blkblu.com.

Singer songwriter Haley Bonar is a prolific Minneapolis-based musician with deep Midwestern roots. Her shows in the Twin Cities’ clubs and theaters are legendary. Haley’s much anticipated new album, Last War, is due out this spring. www.haleybonar.com.

Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz are the owners and makers at Hennepin Made, the Twin Cities’ preeminent contemporary glass studio crafting light fixtures and hand blown glass objects carried by design stores nationwide. They believe that handmade products have an essential place in our daily lives. Hennepin Made, 1621 E. Hennepin Ave, Suite B35, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414. Tele. 715.220.9524.  www.hennepinmade.com.

The Foundry Home Goods owner Anna Hillegass was raised in the north woods of Minnesota and moved to New York where she worked as an interior designer. She came back to establish The Foundry Home Goods, a kitchen and home goods store in a reclaimed 1800’s storefront in Minneapolis’ warehouse district. Anna’s commitment to artisan products, good design and local makers is an inspiration. The Foundry Home Goods,  125 N. 1ST Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401. Tele. 612.333.8484. www.thefoundryhomegoods.com.

Danielle Everine is a Minneapolis-based fashion designer who’s extensive travels inspire the unique prints featured in her ready-to-wear collection. Danielle gained national exposure as a contestant on Project Runway.  www.danielleeverine.com.


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