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Meet Tom Whisenand of Indeed Brewing Company

Tom Whisenand - Indeed Brewing Company
Tom Whisenand is a former globe-trotting photojournalist, cribbage player, and Twin Cities native. But it was his love for craft beer that inspired him to co-found the Indeed Brewing Company with friends Rachel Anderson and Nathan Berndt in 2011. The revered micro-brewery is located in the heart of “Nordeast” Minneapolis, and has amassed a legion of passionate drinkers who have helped raising the profile of the burgeoning local craft beer scene. Indeed’s lineup boasts 26 varieties, of which Tom has diligently sampled each and every one. For ‘quality control’ purposes of course.

Tell us about Indeed Brewing.
Indeed Brewing Company was started in 2012 and has grown quickly to become one of the largest craft breweries in the state. We employ about 40 awesome and dedicated people all focused on making and selling high quality and consistent beer. We love to use unique ingredients in our beer and take chances.

What inspires you?
People all around the world have been making and drinking beer for thousands of years but we are still finding ways to do things a little bit differently or improve upon an age old process. Beer is simple and universal but at the same time lends itself as a canvas for infinite levels of artistic expression.

How would you describe what’s going on in the Twin Cities right now?
People often describe Minnesotans as being a hearty bunch and I think this is true. More specifically I think people who choose to live here and build businesses here share a common characteristic of optimism.

Describe your personal style?
Being in the brewing industry I get to be pretty casual. Jeans, t-shirt, or button-up shirt.

What’s your favorite J.W. Hulme bag?
The duffle bags are pretty sweet.

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