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Hong Kong and back

Nothing is more fun than hearing how our bags work in action. So we enlisted some help and sent our bags out on trips around the world.  Take a look at the first installment.




“My name is Hugh Williams. I am a freelance journalist who is based in Sydney, Australia. I work as a Producer/Cameraman for a major TV News organization, and have been travelling around the world covering big stories for the last 22 years. Some of the countries I have travelled to include Afghanistan, Haiti, Russia, Somalia, Chechnya, China, South Africa, Indonesia, Samoa etc…I have covered wars and natural disasters, and have either stayed in Hotels or camped out under the stars at the end of airport runways.

I am always packing and unpacking my equipment and belongings, and it’s really important for me to have good quality luggage. I have travelled with a J.W. Hulme canvas briefcase at least 15 years and I always get nice comments from people about the bag. It’s the most durable piece of equipment I own.”